Group Caravan – Moke & Wine

Group Caravan


Group Caravan

Duration :   5 Hours
Starting From:   $268.00/PP
Total Seats :    8

“Breaker one-two, this is Rosé All Day comin’ in hot for Sav Blanc — Over.”

The Caravan Experience is an unparalleled day of fun with both Mokes holding all your friends, oh and we give y’all walkie talkies! Perfect for a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party or just because you roll deep. The Caravan Experience is five hours long and includes a visit to four wineries with your choice of stops! Would you like a charcuterie tasting in a whimsical old orchard? Or prefer a picnic lunch paired with two bottles of award winning wine? Want to experience a toast with some local furry farm friends? No matter what experiences you choose, we’ll take you on a scenic drive over rolling hills, and through the vines in both Mokes (Rosé aka The Pink One + Blanc aka The White One) All the details will be coordinated once you confirm your booking. Here’s a list you’ll have to choose from:


Akash Winery  |  Peltzer Winery  |  Longshadow Ranch Winery |  Falkner Winery

DE PORTOLA ROUTE (choose four)

Danza del Sol Winery | Masia de la Vinya Winery | Somerset Winery | Altisima Winery | Fazeli Winery


Bolero Winery | C’est la vie |  Weins Family Cellars | Avensole Winery | Lorimar Winery | Bella Vista Winery

(Custom route requests may be accommodated with an additional travel fee)

“Do you copy?” email us at  if you have any questions!

NOTE: Each Moke has 4 passenger seatbelts, but three fit most comfortably. It’s up to you if those in the back seat don’t mind a light squeeze (the back seat measures about 3ft wide)


Rosé is a refreshing presence. A sweet and bright sight that will lift your spirits. You might swear you've seen her before, perhaps she reminds you of a childhood nostalgia. She likes her wine chilled, sometimes bubbly but most definitely, all day. Blanc is a sophisticated gal about town. Always shows up on time crisp, clean and neatly pressed. She can talk to you about her world travels or the weather, but you'll never truly know her.


Name Price Select
5 RIDERS $290.00 / per person
6 RIDERS $270.00 / per person
7 RIDERS $260.00 / per person
8 RIDERS $250.00 / per person

Quantity :  

Total :  


How many people can fit in one Moke?
You can fit up to four people with a light squeeze in the back (seatbelts for all - about 3ft wide). Three people fit more comfortably. So in a caravan experience you can fit 6 to 8 people Max.
Can we drive the Moke?
No can do, but our Moke Jockeys (aka your designated drivers) will take great care of you and get you to all the day's festivities safely and in style.
Can I prepare my own playlist?
Absolutely. Each Moke is outfitted with bluetooth speakers so you can pump your jams. We also have a USB cord.
Can we drink wine in the Mokes?
Sorry, Charlie! Wine drinking can only happen on the winery property.  
How fast does the Moke go?
The Moke goes a max speed of 25 MPH. It's a street legal, low speed vehicle.
What wineries will we go to?
We'll go to 4 wineries; Akash, Peltzer,  Falkner & Long Shadow + other non-winery locations that are dope and great for group photos!
What about these walkie talkies?
We'll outfit both Mokes with a walkie talkie so you can communicate while in different cars the old fashioned way.
Can we take pictures with the car?
What's for Lunch?
We have hand-picked (after we painstakingly tried all the chef made items) a wonderful array of lunch menu items for you to choose from. We also accommodate dietary restrictions. We'll take your order approx. one week before your ride. 
Can we book a Half Day Caravan Experience?
Yes! However, you will need to reserve each car individually. When you book the Full Day Caravan experience, you receive a discount on the total price! 

What's Included

  • 1 Bottle of Wine (per car)
  • 1 Night Cap (full glass - per person)
  • 2 Moke Jockeys
  • 2 Tastings (per person)
  • Bimini Top
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Perfect Bite Wine Pairing
  • Picnic Blanket
  • Plated Picnic Style Lunch
  • Set of Walkie Talkies
  • Stow Bags
  • USB Charger

This Experience is Perfect for...

  • People who drink wine
  • People that don't want to be rushed
  • Popular people that have lots of friends and roll deep
  • People that are having a birthday, bachelor/bachelorette or team appreciation
  • People that want a full day planned for them
  • People that like lunch (and cheese)
  • People that like wind in their hair, panoramic views, alpacas, epic group photos, award wining wineries & nature
  • People that like walkie talkies

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